The William Hill online research community – it’s not for everyone

So I thought I would sign-up to William Hill’s exclusive online research community as they emailed me earlier today: “.....We’ll invite you to take part in short online surveys and discussions– and start your own if you wish – to improve existing products and services and shape what new ones will look like........”

I filled out a couple of questions on the questionnaire, gave some details in regard to my work, selected the box Advertising/Public Relations/ Media industry, and surprise surprise it’s thank you but no thank you “we’re looking for people who don’t work in industries too closely associated with the activity on the community……………….”

William Hill obviously believes the thoughts and ideas of those working in the Advertising/Public Relations/ Media industries will be of no use to them.  

Luckily I have a platform so William Hill here, for your perusal and cogitation, are my initial thoughts on how you could improve existing products and services.

As you can no longer rely on the obscene sums of cash coming through the FOBT’s how about you go back to being Bookmakers? A Bookmaker being defined as such in the Oxford English Dictionary: A person whose job is to take bets on the result of horse races, etc. and pay out money to people who win.

And if a person has a few wins in a row how about you do not severely restrict their bets or worse still close the account? 

And maybe, just maybe, how about you advertise a price for a horse in a race, let's say on a Saturday afternoon, in the Racing press that morning and then guarantee that price for a short while after the shops open, perhaps 15 minutes? Sound familiar?

Stop trying to reinvent the wheel, offer odds, lay bets and pay out to those who win!