The horse racing week ahead and a look back at that Ascot race

A quiet start to the week for me after the Breeders Cup weekend and it isn’t exactly the greatest week of racing we have ahead of us. There will be a couple of bets later this week though so stay tuned.

There were plenty of talking points at Ascot this weekend with a few questions being asked. Was it right that Diego Du Charmil kept the race? Was it fair Capeland was disqualified? Did the stewards get it right? No-one actually seems to know.

For me, having watched the race back, Diego Du Charmil did jump the fence, in fact in the hardest way possible, so I guess it was okay he kept the race, but he sure as eggs are eggs interfered with Capeland. I would be more than a bit p’d off if I owned Capeland as I can’t see how he deserved to be disqualified for taking the wrong course he didn’t exactly have a choice!

A snippet from the official Stewards Report “…..The Stewards found that DIEGO DU CHARMIL (FR), although jumping the boss of the fence, had taken the correct course, but that CAPELAND (FR) had taken the incorrect course as he had gone in between the boss of the fence and the wing and in doing so, had not jumped any part of the fence. The Stewards, therefore, disqualified CAPELAND (FR) and revised the placings……”

If you are having a punt set your alarm for 4am on Tuesday morning for the Lexus Melbourne Cup, I don’t have a strong opinion in the big race down under this year and aint getting involved.