The horse racing week ahead

With all due respect to the horse racing this week, and there are a couple of decent races, this week is as much about the six-day confirmations for the Cheltenham Festival, and then come Sunday the declarations for day one of the Festival, as it is anything that will actually be happening on track. The confirmations for races on day one of the Cheltenham Festival will be revealed at the six-day stage, Wednesday, around midday, day two on Thursday, day three on Friday and finally on Saturday the likely line-up for the Cheltenham Gold Cup will be confirmed. Declarations for the Tuesday of the Cheltenham Festival will be out at 10am on Sunday. 
A lot of my time this week will be spent looking ahead to the Festival but there is the possibility of a couple of bets over the coming days, yet to be confirmed; hopefully a couple of winners to swell the Festival kitty. 
Be lucky