Stewards Report Windsor Racecourse 16th July – Beer cans and Batman

I like to trawl through the Stewards Reports on the BHA website (I know I need to get a life) to try and spot a couple of potential pointers for future bets – a jockey reporting one lost its action, run too freely or suffered interference for example. I had to smile when going through the reports from Windsor last night and read the report for the third race.

Apparently, the Veterinary Officer reported to the Stewards that a trainer had found an open can of beer in the box of two-year-old colt Capala. The Clerk of the Course, Racecourse Executive, Veterinary Officer, Stable Manager and Adam West – not Batman but the Epsom based trainer who had discovered the can - were interviewed and a report sent to the Head Office of the British Horseracing Authority.

What a despicable crime. The culprit is yet to be discovered but the question has to be asked who leaves a can of lager half full? Holy hops and barley as Robin might have said. Commissioner Gordon has been on the Bat Phone and the Bat signal has been lit.

In case you were wondering Concierge won the race with Capala finishing fifth.