Seeking views on how gambling companies interact with their customers

Proposed  affordability checks on gamblers

Below you can find a link to the consultation regard proposed affordability checks on gamblers. Don't get me wrong, I am all for helping those with a gambling problem but not at the cost of everyone else's fun. Some of the proposals being put forward are quite frankly ridiculous. 

I am no fan of FOBT's for example, little more than fruit machines on steroids in my opinion, but that said, I will argue till I am blue in the face that if they float your boat it's your choice to play the damn things. 

Now anyone who likes a decent bet will tell you it's hard enough to get a few quid on one these days; have you tried to get a couple of hundred on one at a carpet recently!! I certainly do not need William Hill and Paddy Power etc asking for access to my personal finances too judge if I can have a score punt on a handicap at Lingfield on a Monday afternoon!!!!

The Gambling Commission is consulting on measures to tackle problem gambling, which include a proposal to impose a threshold on net monthly gambling loss at as little as £100, leading to customers having to provide evidence they could afford to lose more. British racing's leaders have said that such measures could lead to the sport losing more than £60 million a year in reduced levy income. Get yourself over to the site and fill in the survey.