“Respect in Racing” campaign launched by British racing industry

  • Campaign is launched by the sport’s cross-industry Respect in Racing working party
  • Campaign aims to encourage a culture of respect at all levels of the industry
  • Industry Code of Conduct to come into effect from 8 October 2022


British horseracing has today launched a new campaign that reflects the industry’s collective ambition to promote the highest standards of behaviour and a culture of respect at all levels of the industry.
The campaign has been developed by a cross-industry working party comprised of British racing’s major bodies, united in its ambition to ensure that everyone feels safe, supported and able to fulfil their potential within the sport.
The campaign, which will be rolled out initially via poster and digital campaigns and via the sport’s representative bodies, highlights the positive elements of conduct within our industry and promotes a friendly, fun, and respectful environment. Full details of the campaign and other information around Respect in Racing can be found at: www.britishhorseracing.com/Respect.
The Respect in Racing campaign will be supported by the launch of an industry Code of Conduct, which sets out the shared values and clear standards of behaviour for everyone involved with British racing.
The Code, which will come into effect from 8 October 2022, has been designed in consultation with racing’s major bodies with the aim of fostering an ever-more respectful, supportive, and safe working environment.
It will apply to everyone working in and involved with British racing and is underpinned by a regulatory framework, with clear actions and sanctions available to deal with any breaches.
The Respect in Racing campaign outlines the process should anyone experience or witness any incident which they feel might breach the code of conduct, together with the support services available for those affected by behaviour that may fall short of the agreed standards.
The following points form the BHA Code of Conduct:

  1. Everyone must protect the dignity of others and treat each other with politeness, respect, and kindness.
  2. Everyone must ensure that the sport of horseracing is safe for all and free of any form of bullying, harassment, or abuse.
  3. No one shall engage in any form of sexual misconduct.
  4. Everyone who uses social media and the online space must act responsibly and not engage in any form of online bullying, harassment, or abuse.
  5. No one shall abuse positions of power or responsibility or take advantage of those in a vulnerable position.
  6. No one shall discriminate on the basis of age, disability, gender reassignment, marital status, pregnancy and maternity, race, religion or belief, or sex and sexual orientation.

An online training module has been developed to support the introduction of the Code. This is available on  CODE OF CONDUCT (racing2learn.com)  and early participation is encouraged. The course provides additional information about the six elements of the code and the sanctions that could apply.
Laura Whyte, BHA Independent Non-Executive Director, and Chair of the Culture of Respect Working Party said:

“I am hugely grateful to all the Respect in Racing working group members for their active involvement in the work to support the campaign.  Respect is an essential component of effective working relationships – I hope that the introduction of the Code of Conduct and this supportive campaign will ensure everyone in our industry enjoys a positive working life.  The Respect in Racing group will continue supporting educational initiatives as needed and monitor progress in the future”  
Julie Harrington, Chief Executive of the BHA said:
“Racing is a sport which is built on values of camaraderie and care, but at the same time it is an elite sporting environment where the stakes and pressure are high. The respect campaign, and the code of conduct which underpins it, is a reminder that we should always do our best to treat each other with the respect and dignity that we all deserve.
“It is important that the sport’s main stakeholders have come together to support this campaign, and we are grateful to everyone involved.”
George McGrath, Chief Executive of The National Association of Racing Staff said:
“The Respect in Racing campaign is not about telling staff they can’t share a joke with colleagues, but rather that as society moves with the times, so must we. Acceptable standards of behaviour have changed in the past few decades, and we fully support these efforts to ensure that everyone in racing, including the thousands of stable staff working tirelessly day-in-day out, can feel happy, safe, and respected.”
Ian McMahon, Chief Executive of the Professional Jockeys Association said:
“Everyone in racing has a collective responsibility to uphold and continuously look to improve standards. The Code of Conduct and Respect in Racing campaign is a great start”.
David Armstrong, Chief Executive of the Racecourse Association said:
“The RCA has played an active role in lobbying for the launch of a Code of Conduct for British racing and we are pleased to see it come to fruition. All employees within the sport should expect to be treated with respect and go about their day’s work safe in the knowledge that clear behavioural standards are set. We will continue to support the educational elements which accompany the Code and embed it within our sport.”