Happy Birthday Girdys Gee Gees Ten Today!

There will be a bit of a Birthday celebration down at Triple G Towers tonight with half a lager or two as Girdys Gee Gees is ten years old today! Ten happy and successful years I am glad to report.  Saturday 8th May 2010 was the first day I ever blogged on the original Google blogspot site which morphed into the website, Facebook page, Twitter account and You Tube channel.   

I have shown a profit every year bar one since then (2017 being the annus horribilis) and in total I sit +602 points in profit to level stakes to date. Not too shabby if I do say so myself.  It's been a bit of a roller coaster ride at times, but bloody good fun and let's not forget the +602 points in profit - that's paid for a round or two down the years! 

We would usually have had the Guineas meeting by now and been concentrating on the Roodee at Chester this week for their May meeting but that’s not the case this year. All being well we will get some horse racing again soon; but as I have said before it isn’t that important in the grand scheme of things with the situation we find ourselves in at this time. They will race in France next week, Monday 11th May, and there may be a bet to be had across the Channel so come back over the weekend to see what I am up to.

Here's to another ten years of nicking a few quid and for now, stay safe, please stay home, and of course be lucky!