Frankel - The Movie

So it has been announced the career of the legendary Frankel is to be made into a movie with English thespian and Academy Award winner Jeremy Irons taking the role of trainer Sir Henry Cecil.

Here is the blurb from the website of Eclipse Films the team producing the film

Sir Henry Cecil, after four decades of training thousands of horses, was at his lowest ebb in 2005. Suffering cancer, a marriage breakdown largely played out in gossip columns, his brother’s recent death and estrangement from his son, it seemed he was about to retire as his business and stables dwindled… but quite by chance he was introduced to Frankel by his friend and horse owner Khalid Abdullah.

This is the story of how Henry in his autumn years fought failure and illness to make Frankel the greatest champion racehorse of all time, unbeaten in all 14 starts, winning all the honours and bowing out with an emotional victory in front of a capacity crowd at Ascot. The connection between Henry and Frankel was almost spiritual. They had a bond and connection: it was as if Frankel seemed to understand everything that Henry was telling him to do, and Henry credits Frankel for pulling him through some of his darkest moments… Frankel was his second lease of life and they made history together.

Writer: Jim Piddock (Tooth Fairy, with Dwayne Johnson)
Director: Ron Scalpello
Producers: John Sachs, Andrew Berg, Kimberley Sachs (Associate Producer)
Executive Producer: Jim Piddock

Filming of Frankel is due to start later this year, although no announcement has yet been made as to when the movie will be available to the public. I for one look forward to seeing it.

I like a horse racing film and enjoyed Champions and Seabiscuit and one of my all-time favourite movies is Let It Ride with Richard Dreyfuss spinning up his winnings. The movie has that great line "Because I'm having a very good day." which I still use from time to time.