Cheltenham Festival to extend to five-days, possibly

It has been discussed before and it appears the possible extension of the Cheltenham Festival to five-days is once again on the table and could happen as soon as 2023 if reports are to be believed. 

The Cheltenham Festival currently features twenty-eight races over four days. In theory only two more races would need to be added for a five-day meeting with six races per day, thirty in total. 

If it is a simple case of adding a couple of races to the meeting and making it six-race cards over five days I can see the likely financial benefit and see no reason to be overly concerned. If they are considering seven-race cards over five days requiring seven races to be added to the meeting I would worry about the quality of those races and the dilution of the Festival. 

I am guessing but, as a gambling man, wouldn't mind betting it happens eventually, I just hope it isn't a case of too much of a good thing.