Bookmaker Best Odds Guaranteed - Not necessarily!

Bookmaker Best Odds Guaranteed

I have been asked more than once about best odds guaranteed usually which Bookmakers offer it and what time it kicks-in. Truth be told the advice is be very careful when placing your bets early as the days of taking a price overnight and sleeping soundly knowing you are on best odds guaranteed are over. Different online bookmakers offer best odds guaranteed at different times. 

Just about the only ones now offering best odds guaranteed the day or night before racing are Bet365, Sportingbet and Boylesports. That said Bet365 Point 1 in their T&C's read This offer is only available to new and eligible customers - IE: have it off a few times and you can forget it matey! 

Coral state best odds guaranteed as soon as prices are available with Coral; guess which firm are amongst the last to usually price-up!

All the other big Bookmakers, to the best of my knowledge, do not offer best odds guaranteed until the day of the race, and as is the case with Paddy Power and Betfred for example it is 8.00am and the guys at William Hill  love a lay-in as they are 10am! 

In short all the Bookmakers offer best odds guaranteed but check with the Bookie you are using as there is no set time.